Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Can he make it ?

The year 2004...
South East Asia (end of the year), the Tsunami hits and left hundred of thousands people dead.
The year 2005...'tsuMawi' hits Malaysia,
...leaving gals screaming

...leaving guys laughing and crying with envy

He was a phenomenon.They called him the King of SMS (short message system) and the King of Ambassador (product promotion). He is Asmawi bin Ani aka Mawi. Popular with the slogan 'Mawi World'.

He has been a successful singer and is now trying or offered to act in a film named after his popular hits 'Aduh Saliha'. He agreed on 1 condition - no romantic role for him. Because it's uncomfortable for him.

Can he make it ??? Leave your opinion or views in Comments

Mawi, WELCOME to myBolehWood.

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