Thursday, September 21, 2006


In my younger days, Hindustani films were the most popular,the young and old
like it. Today, it's still the same. My favorite actor, then, was

Sashi Kaapor.
Rajesh Khanna (he's a handsome actor) was also my favorite.Then there were also
Amitabh Bachan, Dhramendra and others. The beautiful actresses 'were Sharmila Tagore,
Praveen Babi, Hema Malini,

Zeenat Aman

and others.

The 'bad guy' I admire most is

Prem Chopra.

Anybody out there who was not angry when looking at this person in his films? Leave it in Comment.

Those were the days my friend ...


The megastar of Bollywood---

I watched several of his movies...

My son also watched a few of his movies and told me that this actor
would never act in a film which needs him express an angry face.
But then I watched the movie Asoka and gave it to him to watch it. He was greatly suprised
by the ability of this actor.

Shah Rukh Khan

(also known as SRK or King Khan,
born November 2, 1965, New Delhi, India,
is a popular Indian actor.
Time magazine stated that he was probably
the most recognizable movie star in the world
in their October 2004 edition (3.2 billion fan following).
He is also the highest paid actor in Bollywood,
after being paid a whopping 12 crores for Don.

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